Electric heating model retort machine

Electric heating sterilizer/sterilization retort characteristics
For small and medium-sized enterprises without boilers, electric heating sterilization retort is very practical.    It has the following characteristics: 

1.   Heat up quickly.

A small amount of circulating water in the autoclave is heated by high-power electric heating tube/electric steam generator, and the packaging can be rapidly heated from 30 degrees to 121 degrees within 10-15 minutes. 

2.   The temperature in the tank is stable and the heat distribution is uniform.

The hot water spray system has a series of nozzles on the four corners of each tray in the treatment tank, so that the atomized hot water can fully contact with the product, so as to ensure that the temperature of all points inside the equipment is consistent. 

3.   Indirect heating and cooling to prevent secondary contamination of food.

The circulating water is heated or cooled indirectly through a plate heat exchanger. 

4.   Automatic control system.

The whole sterilization process is controlled by computer PLC, one button start, one button operation, save manpower.    100 sterilization formulas can be stored in the computer for easy processing.