• water immersion retort machine

    Pure physical sterilization

    big bulk packaing widely use

  • laboratory retort machine

    Widely used in food industry lab,

    pilot scale

  • Automatic rotary retort machine

    Tugboat/mechanical seal/cylinder,


  • water spray retort machine

    Suitable for a variety of packaged products

    Temperature changes are more gentle


Application industry

Sterilization and cooking in all kind of food industry


Tin cans,stand-up pouch,PE/PP bottle,Glass bottle,Vacuum sealing bag,Tin foil tray

Zhucheng Zhonggong Machinery Co., Ltd.

Our company was established in 2002, and we are committed to engaging in food fully automatic new atmosphere retorts, automatic universal cooking pot, new gas modulation nitrogen machine, new modified atmosphere packaging machines, new modified atmosphere food technology, conventional high-temperature sterilization pot sandwich pot research, design, manufacturing, modern services in one company, and our company has a national pressure vessel manufacturing license qualification(Certificate Number: TS2237350-2013), and successfully passed the food safety regulator's Shandong Province, the KYL type retorts Open the door security chain device identification(ID: SY-WT-2010-0019), and the products have passed the ISO9001 international management system certification, and our company has independent import and export operation rights.We introduced Japanese original atmosphere sterilization technology, combined with the actual needs of the domestic food companies, developed a new atmosphere sterilization products, and set a precedent for the domestic food companies, which is limited to the high temperature and high pressure sterilization mode, completely replaced imported sterilization equipment...