How to choose a suitable retort machine

Different products, different packaging is suitable for different types of sterilization pot

The sterilization pot is a high-temperature and high-pressure type equipment with strong professional operation. The product types are mainly divided into three categories: water spray sterilization, water immersion sterilization ,steam sterilization, rotaray retort machine. Different products have different types of sterilization pots, and then I will teach you how to check in.

1. Look at the product packaging:
A. If it is canned food/tinplate cans/aluminum cans/glass products, it is recommended to choose spray sterilization pot
B. Bulk packaging, product weight greater than 500g, flexible packaging, it is recommended to choose a water bath sterilization pot
2. Product classification:
A: For high-viscosity products such as porridge, fruit milk, coffee beverages, etc., it is recommended to choose a rotary sterilizer
B: Vacuum packaged corn is suitable for spraying sterilization pot