Water spray retort

30% energy saving food processing retort sterilizer|food autoclave machine

  • Water spray retort
  • Water spray retort

Water spray retort

30% energy saving food processing retort sterilizer|food autoclave machine...
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The water spray retorts are well applicable for a wide range of thermal resistant packaging materials.

1. Glass bottle;

2. Metal container: tin can, aluminum can;

3. Plastic container: PP bottle, HDPE bottle;

4. Soft pouch: aluminum-foil pouch, transparent pouch, vacuum pouch, high temperature retort pouch.

Applicabel Industry:

High temperature sterilization retort on the use of water is very high efficienty, can be recycled through the water cycle of products sterilization, suitable for cans, beverages, fast food, sauces and other food processing industry.


1. Sterilization of high temperature and short time. Indirect heating, efficient source saving. Direct heating and indirect cooling. No touch between cooling water and the process water, successfully avoiding secondary contamination;

2. Steam and atomized sterilizing water will directly exchange the heat in the food sterilizer. Steam heat can be 100% used, saved heat energy and gained the maximum energy utilization;

3. Perfect pressure control, the whole production process of the pressure in constant adjustment, in order to adapt to the changes in the internal pressure of the product packaging, particularly suitable for the product with gas packaging;

4. Uniform temperature distribution:In the process of heating and sterilization, the water is continuously sprayed from nozzles adopted high speed spraying, so that the temperature in the pot is kept stable and the sterilization effect is improved.

5. Direct heating and indirect cooling, and prevent the second pollution. Sterilizing and cooling processes use the same water. Circulating water is directly heated by steam diffusion tube in the heating process. Under 0.5MPapressure, it only takes 6-12min to rise the temperature from 20℃to 121℃.

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