Steam Air retort

Steam air retort

  • Steam Air retort

Steam Air retort

Steam air retort...
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1. There is no need for steam cooling. Compressed air can be injected into the pot. The unique worm wheel fan rotates to break up the cold air mass in the air, forcing the steam to flow along the air duct, forming a parallel cycle in the food tray gap, and heating the food. The penetration is faster and the sterilization effect is more balanced.

2. The sterilization process does not require preheating, which saves the initial time of preheating and greatly shortens the sterilization time

3. The process of sterilization, heating and heat preservation does not require water, which can save a lot of steam energy and water energy consumption by more than 15%

4. The control of temperature and pressure is more free, back pressure cooling can be performed, and the application range is wider. It can be applied to all high temperature sterilization products such as flexible packaging, bottled, canned, snack food, meat products, etc

5. After the equipment is powered off and restored, the program can automatically restore to the state before the power off, reducing losses

6. Equipped with triple safety chain to prevent misoperation of workers and avoid accidents


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